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100 percent of net proceeds will be donated to military and first responder organizations.

Who Are We

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Angel of Valor Inc. is proudly run by military veterans and their families. Among the goals of our Angel of Valor Inc. family is to provide employment for veterans of the military and first responder communities and contribute a portion of our net proceeds to charities/programs supporting them both. Accordingly, our Angel of Valor™ is dedicated to our military and first responders. The valor shown by all who serve should be honored and respected. We are proud of them all.

Our hope is our Angel of Valor™ pendent will comfort you, embrace you and show your loved one you care and are thinking of them. You should wear it in pride for their service and to let them know they are protected by your love and the angel you wear. We think the Angel will bring you untold comfort and a meaningful way to show your support of those who serve and your love of our country. That is why we created Angel of Valor™ so God Bless you, our Military, our First Responders and America!