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100 percent of net proceeds will be donated to military and first responder organizations.

Mission Statement

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The founders and owners of Angel of Valor™ have one goal and that is to support our Military and First Responders. They give all to give us our freedom and keep us safe. Therefore, we have contributed our personal funds to found the company and create the program. As we make Angel of Valor™ a success, we will contribute 100% of our net proceeds to Military and First Responder related charities and organizations.

 In the short term, we will contribute, a specific (negotiated) amount, to partner organizations’ whose promotional efforts have led to Angel of Valor™ sales. Additionally, we will hire veterans, Military or First Responder, when at all possible and our sterling silver Angels will always be made in America.

Who do we support? We will donate to charities and organizations that do work with the Military and First Responders and pass through a significant portion of their income/donations to support the “Cause”. There are many groups who do incredible work and we look forward to working with and supporting them.

Our goal is to donate at least $1,000,000 by the end 2023, our sixth year of operation.


God Bless our Military, First Responders and America.