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Angel of Valor Story

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A few years back Charlotte Ingram (our founder) like all mothers was concerned about her Marine son’s safety while he served. Charlotte wore an angel pendent which she had for years. She never took off believing the angel would not only watch over another family member of hers with cancer but also her son. She got so much comfort from her Angel she thought it would be a wonderful idea to offer an Angel pendent to mothers and others with loved ones in the service both Military and First Responders.
Charlotte started pursuing the idea and developed the pendant design she offers now. After years of development and a lot of long hours her sterling silver Angel of Valor™ is now available. Her dream is finally coming true. She feels her Angel of Valor™ pendent will embrace and protect ones loved one with her strong wings and confident stature. One should wear it in pride to honor their service and let them know how much you care and that they are protected by your love and the Angel you wear. Each pendent can be customized to reflect the branch of the military or where they serve as a first responder.
Now that Charlotte has finally reached her goal. She has wanted the opportunity to offer her Angel of Valor™ to family, friends and others who have a loved one serving. Again, she derived so much comfort from her original Angel she wanted to share what had meant so much to her. She is sure her Angel will do the same for you.