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100 percent of net proceeds will be donated to military and first responder organizations.


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In honor of our military and first responders, the Angel of Valor™ was created. We honor the active and veteran military personnel who ensure our freedom and the future of our country and the first responders who protect and rescue our family and friends from harm. From WW1 to the collapse of the twin towers and the continued threats of terrorism, gangs and natural disasters they are our heroes. All of us at Angel of Valor Inc. salute them.

Purchase your Angel of Valor™ and wear it with pride. Your Angel of Valor™ will show your support for your loved one and give comfort to you both.


Our men and women of the United States of America serve in our Armed Forces not out of hatred for another country or enemy but for the love they have for the United States of America and the freedom it represents. America’s first responders protect us all when we need assistance. They run into danger not away from it. The Angel of Valor™ is dedicated to our military and first responders and their dogs. The valor shown by all who serve should be honored and respected. God Bless our Military, our First Responders and America.

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A Good Cause

Donating to Charity

The price of $89.99 includes the sterling silver pendant, charm and chain, a certificate of authenticity signed by Ingram, and shipping and handling. For the time being, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to military, law enforcement, and first responder support groups.

Once Ingram and the Larives have recouped their initial investments 100 percent of net proceeds will be donated.

“I’m excited to write that first check,” said Ingram. “I want to make them money and help them out. I want it to get big and give more. We’ll be able to donate millions at some point.” Read More…

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